Bamboo Sea

by WhiteCrow

Bamboo Sea 04:46


WhiteCrow 為我們帶來了新的「聲音雕塑」。在新單曲《Bamboo Sea》里,她用躁動不安的聲音和大量的留白塑造了朦朧,猶如置身於林海之中的氛圍。彷彿有千言萬語要與人訴說,但到了最後只剩遺憾的一瞥。是粗糲的,又是詩意的。

WhiteCrow brought us a new piece of 'sound sculpture'. In her new single 'Bamboo Sea', she used her restless voice and a lot of empty space to create a hazy atmosphere, as if we are in the forest. It seemed that there were a thousand words to tell, but in the end, there was only a glimpse of regret. It's rough, yet poetic.

Composed & produced by WhiteCrow.


released March 23, 2021

Total Length 04'47".
The single is mastered by Florence Tang at Jyugam.
Artwork & graphic design by mafmadmaf. © 2021


all rights reserved



Jyugam Guangzhou, China

Jyugam means 'at present' in Cantonese. We pay tribute to the present with music.

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