Thousand​-​Years Planet Movie / 千​年​行​星​電​影

by Louzhang 樓長



♫ Thousand-Years Planet Movie represents an expansion of experimental ambient music, an auditory film that invites the audience to navigate, a journey of self-reconciliation. Louzhang abandoned what he once did as an ambient musician, forsaking the superimposition of redundant tracks and cumbersome walls of sound, instead, he uses a pointillistic palette of sound forming a synthesizer-ruled sci-fi soundscape. All for exploring the unchanging universe and the destinies of drifting planets.

Thousand-Years Planet Movie delves deep into our individual socialization processes and paints a portrait of a complex world influenced by collective activities. It also illustrates humanity's emotional resonance with the cosmos beyond social values. Listen closely, the planet speaks about its long and lonely history, and the heart of the continents and oceans emit a poignant pulse. Come and see, we are nothing more than tiny specks of dust, forever searching for the traces of distant stars in the midst of chaos and emptiness, until the end of time.


About Louzhang
Louzhang is a self-proclaimed hypocrite hidden in the concrete forest of Shanghai. An alchemist in the spiritual ruins, a master of getting himself into trouble, an addict of analog ambient music, and a devoted believer of nihilism.
As an artist, architectural engineer & musician, Louzhang is the initiator of the experimental electronic band Irrelevant Trio. Louzhang uses complex and unpredictable ways to deliver spiritual resonance through sound. He believes in random electronic improvisations with artistic concepts. He tries to interpret the intricate social reality with random currents, tearing off the old and decaying humanistic structures with alternating cold and warm colors of electronic sounds, and fishing for his own salvation along the way. Louzhang lives in Los Angeles, CA.
"Neon never stops flowing. I want to see what you see."

藝術家、建築結構師、音樂人。電子實驗樂隊計劃Irrelevant Trio的發起人。倡導以藝術概念為核心的隨機電子即興,妄圖用隨機的電流闡釋錯綜複雜的社會現實,用電子色彩的冷暖交替撕裂陳舊腐朽的人文結構,在尋求自身救贖的路上竭澤而漁。樓長現居住於洛杉磯。


released November 1, 2023

Serial No: GM015
Release Date: 2023-10-30
Length: 45'16"
Genres: Ambient
Composed and produced by Chenyang Qian.
Mastered by Yuu Nagare.
Graphic design by
© Jyugam 2023


all rights reserved



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